The Awakened Woman
Don’t settle for less than magic!
The Awakened Woman

An Awakened Women is in contact with her unique authentic core of how she is behind all layers of protection.


We lose our self in co-dependency, others expectations, distractions and low self-esteem. Living life from our head instead of the power of your core. This workshop is design to give you an imprint of your natural inner freedom.


Spiritual growth involves peeling of this layers of protection and control and get in contact with how your really are. By learning how to surrender deeper to life, get in contact with our emotional body’s and recognize the fears that limit us to live fully. To start feel again and to be capable of living our greatness so that we may truly serve ourselves and the world around us.


If you are ready to step up to live your life more fully. To invite the pleasure, the passion, the love, the power, the unconditional love, the softness, the playfulness and the magic back in to your life again, on every level. Then this workshop is for you.


This is a workshop for sisterhood, healing, power and wisdom. A program of deeper sexuality and love. To let go of the limited delusions of the mind and to empower you by reminding you of the beauty and the grace of our feminine core.

A divine time

It is a divine gift to step into this transformation, both for yourself and for the world around you. To do that we first need to remember who we are, reconnect with our intuition, our wisdom, our wildness and our deep heart. To build deep sisterhood with other women and stop compromising with our truth. Let me take you on a journey into a magical place, the awakened woman.


For who

This program is open for women in every age, with any background and experience. The workshop is created especially for women who wish to live a more authentic life in contact with their feminine core and the magic of life.


You must have reached 18 to participate. (If you have not, I can recommend you to check our Sistars* program)





Heart Core Womens Retreat

This workshop was earlier called Heart Core Women’s Retreat. A workshop that several hundreds of women all over the world has attended and loved. The Awakened Women is built on the foundation of the Heart Core Women’s Retreat but is has grown and deepened like we all do. If you have attended HCWR you will recognize the content and the energy but with a lot of new teachings.

What you can expect
  • Get teachings on how you can stop compromising and step into your power.
  • Learn to recognize co-dependency
  • Receiving tools on how to connect with your wise woman within, your power and your wildness
  • Look honestly on your life and were you want to go
  • Strengthen your Intuition and feminine wisdom
  • Attend and learn how to create feminine rituals
  • Invite more playfulness into your life
  • Learn how to get/stay in contact with your emotional body
  • Honor your body and relax into and enjoy your feminine being
  • Get an understanding of the sacred feminine and masculine
  • Learn about Tantra and Soulful sexuality
  • Be with other women and create sisterhood instead of competition.
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