Lead in Love
Step up for love!

Love has follow us trough our whole life. The experience of love, the longing for love, giving up on love, writing about love, crying for love, singing about love and dreaming about love. There is endless of films, songs, poems and books written about love. It is such a strong force. No one can go trough life without being touch by love.


How many hours have you spent thinking about love? Longing for more love, deeper love, love for yourselves or more love in your relationship?


Maybe your belief is that you either have love or don’t have love. That you have to go and search for love if you don’t have it. That love is something that is out there. That some are lucky in love and some are not. Like life was a lottery.


I believe every person on this planet can experience deep love. That love is our birth right. I don’t talk about the romantic love. I talk about a force that is stronger and more powerful then everything. Divine love. A love that makes us grow, create, heal and live for our deepest core.


An act of love is a powerful. It is the source of life. The problem is that we often look for love in all the wrong places. We mix up divine love with romantic love. We lose our self in co-dependency, others expectations, distractions and low self-esteem. Living life from our head instead of the power of love.


We never take the time to get to know love in its depth, we have never for real studied love. We dream of it, we long for it, we even cry for love but we don’t take the time to learn how to create the love that we are longing for. We don’t know that we all are creators of love. We can all learn how to create more love in our life. Love for ourselves, our partners, our families, our friends and to life itself.


It is time to stop dreaming and start to learn how to manifest love in your life.


It is a skill we can learn, like any other skill. If you long for more love, come and learn how to create more love in your life. Step up and take your responsibility, don’t just sit and wait for love.

Love is to expand your own divine being and to live in connection with that place of love. To live from that place will nourish your own and other people spiritual growth. It will bring you deep joy, passion, creativity. It will give you endless flow in life and it will.


When you can let love flow through you and from you, to toughs around you. Then we can create peace on this planet. That is how strong this love is.


This workshop is about love. Divine love. The strongest force of nature. It is about reconnecting to this force. To learn how to live from this powerful force and how to lead yourself and others into this source of unconditional love.  This is a workshop that challenges you to stop compromising and step up for love. Be become a leader, a leader of love.


It is a hands-on practical workshop on how to create more love. It can truly change your life if you are willing to step up and do the work.


You will learn how to recognize divine love, to reconnect with love. You will be reminded of your natural, often forgotten ability to be the carrier and leader of love. You will reconnect with yourself, with your power, playfulness, softness, intuition, wisdom, and truth. Your soul will start remembering who you are beyond your limited mind and your programming from your upbringing and society.


You will learn how to become a leader in love. To live your life from that place, in all your affairs, and in all your relationships.


When you step up and start to lead in love, love will naturally flow through you and from you to everyone around you. Love will heal you and set your free. And when you heal yourself, you will spread healing, love, and freedom to others. That is the power of true love.


It feels like magic but its the essence of life. Your birthright.


It is a divine gift to step into this transformation, both for yourself and for the world around you. Let me take you on a journey into a magical place, the place of love.

You will learn how to;
  • create more love in your life.
  • stop compromising and step into your power
  • live your life from your truth.
  • recognize co-dependency, distractions, and manipulations that all are roadblocks to love.
  • act from self-respect and self-love
  • get in touch with your vulnerability
  • communicate from love
  • connect with your deep heart
  • connect with your womb and all the wisdom about love that you hold there
  • trust yourself
  • have a sexuality that creates love and healing
  • get and stay in contact with your emotional body
  • be with other women and create sisterhood instead of competition
  • get flow in life
  • lead yourself and others in to more love
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