Art of Intimacy
A workshop for couples who wish to restore the intimacy, sexuality, and love in their relationship.

Why is it so hard to build a nurturing and passionate relationship with someone you love? Actually, a lot of things in life seem difficult until we learn the right skills to handle them. Remember learning to ride a bike?


Love as an art form

If you want to learn how to love and have deep relationships you must proceed in the same way as if you want to learn any other skill; music, painting or the art of sciences for example. When coming to this understanding, you can start to make art out of your relationships, intimacy, and love.

Practicing this kind of love can transform your relationship into a catalyst for spiritual growth. As two people dedicate themselves to practice deepening intimacy, truth and love together, their respective gifts to the world become more clear. Increased flow, happiness, and healing, together with a deep sense of connection and love for oneself and each other is the result.


This retreat is a training camp to create a positive upward spiral in your relationship. With exercises, theory and lots of fun you get tools to start decoding your relationships patterns and pitfalls. Adventure, playfulness, passion, presence and abundance of love are all part of naturally healthy relationships. Are you ready to start the journey to get there?


Maximize the expression of love

How can you maximize the expression of love in your relationship? We need deep intimacy as a foundation in long-term relationships. Intimacy is the vulnerable act of opening yourself up to another person on every level and in all parts of your life. In this workshop we will create a safe space for you, where you can challenge your fear and start to show your partner your authentic self.

A new level of freedom

Having dysfunctional patterns of drama and manipulation operating in a relationship can be extremely draining. For many of us, these patterns are so automatic that we think it is a natural part of having a relationship. We have a key for you that will help you recognize and turn the patterns around. Without them, freedom can be experienced on a whole new level in your relationship.


Open up for passion

We teach you the basics of tantra. How to hold space, slow down, stay present and create a space to meet each other every time more authentic. When you give passion the freedom to express itself through your bodies, not only does it open up for more love between you, it also creates a space for vulnerability and healing in your bodies.


For who?

If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, this is the workshop for you. This workshop is open for couples in intimate relationships, regardless of the sexual orientation. The workshop is created especially for couples that are committed to approach their relationship as a platform for mutual growth on a physical, mental and spiritual level.




What you can expect from this workshop
  • Enter a space where your relationship can heal and develop.
  • Learn how to recognize and turn patterns of drama and manipulation into patterns of creation and support.
  • Get tools to communicate in ways that deepen your connection and love.
  • Learn how to create a healthy balance between freedom and love.
  • Open up for more love and intimacy by practicing to be vulnerable and transparent.
  • Attain clear understanding of the masculine and feminine qualities.
  • Get the knowledge of how to express love in many different forms to your partner.
  • Through different tools, learn how to lovingly communicate with your partner without going in to defense or anger.
  • Learn some basics about spiritual relationships.
  • Receive basic knowledge of tantric lovemaking taking you from goal oriented friction sex to deep blissful and passionate meetings.
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