5 steps to get a fully feeling and orgasmic vagina

Those of you who read my last guest blog post know that I am more then happy with my sex life these days. It is over all my expectation on how great sex could be.

One important step for me to develop my sex life was to do a vaginal de-armouring, a form of soft trigger point massage in the vagina. I did my first one on a tantric workshop 7 years ago and I was amazed over the change I felt. After a 40 min soft massage my vagina had become so sensitive and felt very different. Much more soft, or fluffy as I use to say?

Before I got de-armoured, I had almost no sensitivity at all. I thought this was the way it should be. I could feel friction in the entrance of my vagina, and I could experience some pain in the deep parts but other than that, all my sensitivity was in my clitoris and I was only able to have clitoral orgasms. And even those I was sometimes faking until I was 30… After the de-armouring, it took me just one day before I experienced my first G-Spot orgasm and two weeks after I had my first vaginal orgasm. Now 4 years later, I have a whole bunch of different orgasms, some I had not even heard the name of before I started practicing tantra.

The de-armouring session can be painful for most women but I promise you, it is worth it! It is one of the best things I ever did. After the workshop I took a couple of professional de-armouring sessions and my vagina felt like new. It became so incredible sensitive and it also got its natural wetness back. I could throw away all lubricant I had used for as long as I remember.

If you women want to experience the deeper form of orgasms, vaginal de-armouring is essential. It also benefit you as a man. Her vagina becomes softer, much more delicious and that may lead to a more satisfying sexual experiences for both of you. ?

Here are the steps, just make sure the person doing this has read all the steps carefully before you start (especially the last part if you are pregnant)

Vaginal de-armouring: 5 steps to restore the natural sensibility in your vagina

1 Make her relax

Create a nice environment, maybe with soft music and candles. You can start by a soft massage of the stomach to help her relax. You can also massage the breasts to release the oxytocin (called the love and bonding hormone, you want as much of this in your body as possible) in the body that help her relax and get more receptive and open. The de-armouring is often an emotional ride since it seems like we store a lot of old suppressed emotions in the vagina, one of the most sensitive places in a women’s body. The emotions can be released through this process and she may cry, scream or laugh.

2 Enter the vagina

When she starts opening her legs to you, you know she is getting ready. It is good to wear some kind of latex gloves to make sure the hygiene is under control. You can use lubricant or Coconut oil. (Never put any other oil in the vagina. Oil will clog the mucous membrane, which may cause bacterial and fungal infections by disturbing the PH balance in the vagina.) Sit between her legs and slowly and respectful put a hand on her vagina. When she is ready you can stick one or two of fingers into her vagina.

“Be gentle, loving and remember to stay present”

3 Take out the pain

You press firm but not to hard on the walls of the vagina. The vigina is here most sensitive part of her body, so be gentle, loving and remember to stay present. Start on one side near the entrance and work your around and into the whole vagina. Down, Up, Left & Right. The woman will feel if a spot is numb or sore (since it hurts) and she tells you. Then you hold still at that spot and firmly press against the walls of the vagina. Let the women guide you on how hard you actually can press. You keep pushing for about one minute till the pain or numbness starts to go away. You can help her release the pain by telling here to make sounds and let the pain out. If there was a pain scale from 0-10 where 10 is unbearable and 0 is nothing you should reach at least 9 and then press until it is down at about 2-3. The woman tells you the numbers. Just steadily hold the pressure on the spot. When the pain or numbness is almost gone, you move to the next point and de-armour the whole vagina from the opening and then further in.

While de-armoring, you can guide her a little bit verbally by saying things like; ”give that pain to me, I’ll take it out of you” – just lovingly reassuring her and coaching her through the pain. Also make sure she is breathing deeply.

No one likes to go through pain, so your gentle and loving support is important. We generally call vaginal de-armouring high speed therapy, because the woman does seem to go through quite a deep process. Be aware of not going into any drama or storytelling, but just gently hold space for letting it go with the release of the suppressed emotions.

4 The G-spot

After de-armouring the walls of the vagina, you can move to the G-spot. The G-spot area is normally about the size of a walnut and located 3-5 cm into the vagina, towards her stomach. Many women feel a very sharp pain in the G-spot, like a needle. Do as you did on the right and left side, just steadily hold the pressure on the spots and let here release the pain through making sound and breathing the whole time. The woman can also press out the pain towards the fingers, like she is giving birth.

5 The cervix

Eventually you get to the cervix. The cervix is located in the deepest part of the vagina and it feels like a nose. You gently hold the cervix between your fingers  until any deep tension is released. The cervix is super sensitive so be prepared. The cervix is even more interesting to de-armour than the vagina. When the cervix is fully de-armoured, instead of having pain, the cervix will start to get really horny… For me about 5 times hornier than the clitoris. The cervix will after that often start to long for the physical pressure of a penis – and the woman can with time experience the wonderful cervical orgasm.

A full vaginal de-armouring generally takes about 40 minutes to do. Most women need two or tree de-armouring sessions to get all the pain and numbness away. Once the woman has been de-armoured, her vagina and cervix often gets extremely horny and pleasurable.

Did you know:

When a de-armoured woman gives birth she will experience much less pain and may also be able to have a womb orgasm,  experiencing an orgasmic birth.

OBS! If you are pregnant:

If you are pregnant and consider de-armouring, you should consult your physician before doing so. De-armouring of the vagina and especially the cervix of a pregnant woman may for example rip the integument or membrane that forms to keep the fetus in the womb, risking a termination of the pregnancy. In this perspective you might also consider having your de-armouring before any planned future pregnancy, to give yourself and your future child a possibility to enjoy an orgasmic birth.

Good luck!

Originally posted on Babefaceblog.se