Bea is an international inspirational speaker and teacher. An intuitive mentor for women and couples who courageously want to look at their lives and their relationships. She inspires people around her to stop compromising and to step into their power.


Bea has a 12-year background in leadership and communication consulting, working for some of Sweden’s largest companies.  She is the author of the book, “It’s not magic. It is energy ” (in Swedish) about the art of facilitating large groups and creating lasting development among companies and organizations.


Despite great success, Bea felt that there was something missing. She chose a new path in life, or as she puts it: Life chose a new path for her.


Bea chose to go on a long and deep spiritual journey. She now shares her experience and her learnings in her workshops and in her talks. The tangible effects of her dedicated spiritual practice and deep devotion are a true inspiration for women and men around her. She supports people around her to take 100% responsibility for their own lives and to find entry toward a deeper intimacy with themselves, their partner and with life.

The natural power of being a woman


Bea is very passionate about the depth of the feminine and serves as a living example of how women can find their authentic self and live a life in flow and contact with the divine and ever-changing feminine core.


She empowers women to step into their feminine power, to dare to meet both the light and the dark. She guides women on how to live from unconditional love, intuition, power, wisdom, playfulness, creativity and wildness. All gifts of the feminine.


Through her work, she teaches women (and men) how to live in line with the flow of life and to manifest from relaxation and passion instead of strength and pressure.


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Love love love


Beas artform is love and intimacy. Her marriage with Theodor inspires many couples around them. They are both dedicated to their spiritual growth and their way of living and working together. They make their intimate love relationships work as catalysts for spiritual and personal growth, increasing love, supporting life purpose and making the feminine and masculine grow and flourish. Bea and Theodor are running their company with a beautiful balance of the masculine and the feminine.


They teach together and have co-created the school Training for Love

Building bridges into the future for the next generation of women

Sistar* is a new non-profit project founded by Bea, for girls in the age of 12-16.
The aim of the project is to strengthen self-confidence and prosperity among our young girls. To build bridges of knowledge from generation to generation. And to create a safe space where these girls feel seen and heard. A place where they can talk about things like appearance, friendship, love, relationships, sexuality, stress, and emotions… A place where they can find loving guides into womanhood.

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