You are not alone
Take a risk and ask for help

When I feel sad or drained of energy, I often find myself alone. Not that I feel alone, because at the moment I feel I want to be alone. I just don’t reach out for help. I feel it is hard to be in connection when I feel the most vulnerable. Maybe I even feel that no one understands me, that it would be too hard for others to understand what I am going through. Sometimes I take responsibility for there feelings and time.

I am trying to find a balance in when I need to drop deep down in myself and when I need to practice to reach out and open up in my vulnerability. We don’t need to do life alone.

I believe we are never alone. I believe that we are supported by the divinity of life.

Take a risk and ask for help, when you open up, you allow others to open up to. When we open our eyes to love, it is everywhere.