Codependency is a barrier for love

Co-dependency is a barrier to love!

So many people are doing what I call a spiritual bypass when they don’t want to deal with the real underlying issue they have in their relationship. We can go to all different kinds of tantric workshops and retreats to sparkle up our relationship, but if we don’t acknowledge the core wound of co-dependency we will just put the icing on a cake that is un-eatable. When the effect of that technique we just learned fades away we feel even more as a failure. And we get lost in a world of false promises.

There are profound tools on how to transform your relationship to the magic unit so many of us are dreaming to experience.

BUT dedicated work is required. And sadly not so many are ready to do the required work.

We want a quick fix and the high the whole time.

If you feel that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, and do some real work, there is a whole box of treasures just waiting to be open by you.

I can recommend you to read Pia Mellodys book, Facing Codependency or check out Codependents Anonymous webpage.   Codependence

Give it a chance, I know it is worth it!