3 simple tips for a more loving Christmas

It is close to Christmas, just days left, so how do you want this holiday to become? It is so easy to get lost between shopping and the preparations. The stress can easily throw us off course.

I would like to contribute to your Christmas with these 3 simple tips for a more loving Christmas: (If you have time to read them 🙂 )

1: Communication.
When we are stressed and have lots of things to do it is easy to fall back on our communication. The more our communication deteriorates there bigger the risk of conflicts. So number one is to put some extra effort into how you communicate with your partner and family this Christmas. Are you clearly communicating your needs, desires and expectations? Are you open to listen to the same from the rest of your family? If you have not yet tried out my free communication exercise here is a link.

Are you clearly communicating your needs,
desires and expectations?

2. Focus.
What is really important to you during Christmas? Peace and calm, lots of gifts or Christmas dinner with your mother in law? Take 5 minutes and write down what you really long for. Making your dreams visible greatly enhances the chance of them becoming real. Show the list to your partner or your family and talk about your wishes. If you can form a team together to get as many of your wishes fulfilled, you have a great start!

3. Check in with yourself.
Does everything really need to be perfect?
Take some time just for you, yes even in the midst of Santa Claus, wrapping paper, family and food…
If you cant get away for more than 5 min, then give yourself 5 minutes. Breath, pray, go out for some air or do a short meditation.

Good luck and remember to take care of yourself…