Learn how to get more freedom, love and passion in your life.
APRIL 5, 19:30 – 21:30

Ever wish you were in a relationship with NO drama?

Drama is like poison to a relationship. Many of us believe that drama is a natural part of relationships and that we have to deal with it if we choose to have one. But it is actually just an unhealthy pattern that you can transform and get rid of.

Join us for our 2h event in Amsterdam.

The bar is open after the talk and Bea will stay and mingle with you and answer your last questions. On this talk we will share some of the most popular and transforming tools from our couple workshop Art of Intimacy. We will guide you through the basics of understanding how drama works and how to decode them.

  • The building blocks in a drama
  • Why does a drama occur
  • The 3 main characters in any drama
  • How to recognize drama
  • The difference between feelings, vulnerability and drama
  • The keys to decode a drama


Schellingwouderkerk, Wijkergrouw 6, 1023 NX